We are Kluane Colombia

Kluane is a Canadian drilling company established in Colombia since 2008. It has operated worldwide for almost 30 years, during which it has acquired great expertise in carrying out diamond drilling projects in Canada, Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Our high performance in safety, environment and operations have allowed us to
achieve recognition in the drilling market. We have a broad inventory of machines,
replacements parts and accessories, as well as a team of high experienced drillers, prepared to work in any kind of terrain.

Since Kluane began operating in Colombia, we have drilled close to 800,000 meters in different types of deposits, supporting the search both for metallic minerals as well as non-metallic and also participating in geotechnical projects for infrastructure construction.

Corporate values

Exploring with you for the future
Sustainable  exploration to promote prosperity and well-being for all stakeholders.
To create long-term success by meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, providing a workplace where our people have opportunities to grow, develop and fulfill their goals, and ensuring that all our activities are focused on creating a better world for everyone.
Our values are those qualities that we consider non-negotiable in our employees.

Safety is our core value, being essential in every part of our business. We believe that safety and care for the environment are a personal responsibility and also a responsibility towards others. Everyone involved in company processes must work together to strengthen our safety culture

We  look after one another and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and support to be successful.

We work hard with determination, always doing our best and putting the objectives of our company and others above our own.

We take care of our people, clients, communities, environment and resources. We take time to understand the needs of others and we treat others as we like to be treated ourselves

We are truthful  and transparent in everything we say and do.

We are passionate about providing an excellent service by meeting  and exceeding the needs of our clients, our team and our shareholders.  

Our Logo

In 1987, in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada, the history of Kluane Drilling LTD began to be written and from that moment our image was born. The logo, as well as our name, is inspired by Kluane National Park, located in the Yukon; a beautiful setting covered by impressive glaciers and home to more than 100 species of birds, including the golden eagle and the bald eagle. Our identification with Kluane Park implies our commitment to environmental stewardship and respect for the communities, as Kluane Park is a World Heritage Site associated with the rich history of the First Nations who inhabited the territory.


The triangle in our logo represents the highest mountain in the park, Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada.  The diamond makes possible our approach to the depths of the earth, so it is also represented in our logo, which in turn encompasses the initials KD, the name that represents the entire Kluane Drilling Ltd. community worldwide, each and every one of the members of this great family, who make possible that our history continues to be written around the world.

The letters Kluane Colombia at the bottom are the identification of how the company was registered in Colombia in 2008.

Our Team

Jhon Jairo Puerta Moreno

Jhon Jairo Puerta Moreno

General Manager

Ángela Paola Gutiérrez

Administrative and Financial Manager

Ángel Iván Torres Llanos

HSEQ Manager

Andrea del Pilar Sánchez

Rafael Piedrahita Vargas

Rafael Piedrahita Vargas

Corporate Technical Manager

Jeisson Enrique Hernández Ramírez

Corporate HSEQ manager

Natalia Andrea Organista Restrepo

Human Resources Corporate Manager

Wilmer Castañeda

Maintenance Coordinator

Andres Valderrama

Logistics Coordinator

Andrea Ferro

Coordinator of human talent

David Gutierrez

Purchasing Coordinator

Introduction video

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