KLUANE believes that mineral exploration should be accompanied by an adequate handling of the environment. Because of this, Kluane has adjusted its processes in order to guarantee the Client a clean operation that respects the flora, fauna, earth and streams of water. Kluane understands and complies with Colombian environmental laws.

Kluane’s environmental strengths:

Portable equipment requiring trails only 1 to 1.2 meters wide.
Separation of the organic layer when a platform is being built.
The use of fences in steeping zones to avoid excavated material falling.
The use of air-cooled oil hydraulic cooling systems in order to reduce water consumption at platforms.
Equipment is checked daily to correct any problems.
The covering soil platform with geotextile to avoid contamination.
The installation of drip trays underneath motors to hold any leaks.
Separation and disposal of harmful waste using official companies.
Use of mufflers to reduce noise and vent systems out of the vegetation zone.
Proper handling of the muds on the platform to avoid contamination of water flows and to minimize its use.
Keeping fuels and additives in trays, according to the norms.
In holes deeper than 200 meters, a tent is installed to cover the whole platform, and a trench is dug to avoid the rain water causing contaminate in the platform.
Spill kits are kept in the trucks and pack animals when carrying fuel.
Proper handling of pack animals when they carry supplies, meaning vaccination control, periodical check-ups and weight control.
The use of biodegradable detergents for personnel and machine clean up.
Platform recovery in order to leave it in similar conditions after the hole is finished.
The use of liter-counters to control the amount of water used in the process.
Post use agreements for disposal of materials such as oils, tires and batteries.
Implementation of efficient water and energy use.
Adequate response to the regional environmental corporations.
Responsible with the environment