Due to their modular configuration, Kluane equipment can be mobilized using different methods. The heaviest element of the equipment are the motors, each of which weighs from 130 kg, in a KD-200 equipment, and 320 Kg in a KD-1700 drill.

Transported by personnel

When there are only roads, the equipment can be moved with personnel supplied by the Client or hired by Kluane. The assistants who carry out this work are permanently accompanied by HSEQ supervisors so that the maximum load weights per person are not exceeded. In this way, a drilling of more than 1000 meters deep can be carried out even if the platform is far away and it is not possible, for logistical or economic reasons, to use a helicopter.

Helicopter transportation

The configuration of the equipment, whose components can be transported separately, allows a helicopter with a capacity of 400 kg or 500 kg to transport it easily.

In addition, the thin-walled tubing that Kluane uses in operations is lighter and shorter in length, 1.5 m instead of 3 m, which facilitates mobilization by this method.

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