Committed to safety

At KLUANE it is essential that drilling must be performed safely in order to be successful. The most important rule of Kluane’s operation is “no task should be attempted unless all necessary safety and precautionary measures have been taken to avoid risks and possible accidents.” Our “Right to Refuse Unsafe Job” policy allows any worker to suspend an operation if they have a valid reason to believe the job is unsafe. For this reason, at Kluane we are continually adjusting our equipment and procedures to guarantee our workers and clients a safe operation, respecting legal regulations and implementing occupational disease prevention programs.”

Since 2014, Kluane has been certified under OHSAS 1800. This is not just an award to present to our clients — it also increases our commitment to safety, so that high standards translate to low incident ratios.

Equipment that can be dismantled and moved by hand without exceeding the maximum weight per person.
Set up of three emergency stops on the platform, to stop all equipment instantly.
Guards to cover hot or moving parts.
Hydraulic pressure hose protectors to avoid premature wear.
Using whip checks on high-pressure hose, in order to avoid the whip effect if a high pressure connection breaks.
Use of anti-spark lighting in fuel areas.
Non Slip footing in the operations zone, to avoid falls.
Tower lifting system with hydraulic cylinders.
Double safety lock for the overshot to avoid the inner tube coming loose.
Protection of the inner tube using clamps during the core extraction.
Hydraulic level winder to roll the wireline cable.
Periodical inspections of tools and sensitive machine parts.
Daily safety meetings at platforms and offices.
Active pauses in all the work shifts.
Checking of work hygiene, noise, light, vibration, gases and vapors.
Labeling and identification of chemical products according to the UN Globally Harmonized System.
Implementation of the health and safety training program for all personnel.
Checkup of health conditions for all personnel both at the time of recruitment, periodically throughout their contract and when contract is finished.
In order to keep improving, we have internal and external audits of environment, health and safety systems.
Ergonomic risk
Ergonomics studies the relationship between the work environment and the people who execute it. At Kluane Drilling we seek to minimize ergonomic risks and avoid any incident due to this type of risk.
Overexertion can cause musculoskeletal disorders or injuries, caused by the use of forced postures and repetitive movements. In Kluane this risk is presented during the activities of adding and removing pipe, manual handling of loads and the application of forces.
Location risk
They are all those conditions of the geographical area, facilities or work areas that under unsuitable circumstances maximize the probability of accident occurrence. At Kluane Drilling, we always look for the best possible location of the equipment, accessories (pipes), tools and supplies required for the operation in a way that minimizes risk. Within the Kluane Drilling platforms, the machine is located specifically according to the inclination requirement and from that position it is determined how the equipment is distributed in the available area.
Likewise, adaptations of pedestrian and road type trails are generated, according to the needs of each platform.”
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