Mechanical Maintenance

At its main headquarters, Kluane has a workshop in which maintenance processes are carried out by qualified and certified personnel, with optimal tools for each job and following high safety standards: metal fume extractor located in the welding area, fume extractor in the combustion engine test area and in the painting area there is an equipment for the extraction of organic vapors and by-products of this type of work.


Additionally, Kluane has a maintenance program that is carried out both at the headquarters and at the projects. Each maintenance action is recorded in the performance file of each equipment, so the traceability of the information allows reviewing the historical behavior, analyzing and making decisions.

At the beginning of each shift, the authorized person, with the support of the team, performs a pre-operational inspection of the equipment, from which corrective measures are taken. Only minor repairs are allowed in the field. Major mechanical inconveniences, including breakdowns in the combustion or hydraulic motors, are resolved with the immediate replacement of the parts with spare parts that are in the project’s warehouse and the damaged elements are sent to Bogotá for repair.

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