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We specialize in diamond drilling using HTW, NTW and BTW thin-walled rods, which guarantee the highest amount of sample, which means more information for our clients. The adjustability of our machinery enables us to carry out drilling ranging from 0 to 90° and reaching depths of 2100+ meters.


Geotechnics and Hydrogeology

SPT tests are carried out with an automatic gear system which is connected to the rig´s hydraulic system. It is a mast that manoeuvres the hydraulic hammer, thus allowing for the punching mechanism to be precise and secure.


  • Lugeon Tests: Simple and double
  • Lefranc Tests
  • Installation of Casagrande and Vibrating Wire Piezometers


  • SPT Tests
  • Shelby sampling
  • Vane shear tests

Drills with Reverse Circulation

KLUANE has an RC machine that has the capacity to drill more than 120 meters in 4 ½” diameter. This rig can use a larger diameter reducing hole depth. The advantage of our machine is that compared to other large machines that normally drill in RC, ours is portable, it can be transport for small roads and it doesn’t require big platforms. Not having to build roads and big platforms to transport a reverse circulation rig has a great value considering Colombia’s strict environmental regulations.

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