Our drills are mainly portable, they can be easily disassembled and moved in any topographical area, they fit in small places allowing us to place rigs in areas between 9 to 50 meters, the equipment is selected according to the hole depth.

We have four types of drill: KD-200, KD-600, KD-1000 and KD-1700. Available as we need to drill shallow or deep holes. They can reach 200, 600, 1000 and 2000 meters respectively. We can drill negative and sub-horizontal holes in any type of ground condition.

The standard design of our equipment provides easy and efficient maintenance in the shop and in the field. The company’s maintenance process has the ability to respond quickly to any contingency.

+ 95 %
Equipment availability
Because we comply with the maintenance program, our warehouse has an abundant number of spare parts, pipe and accessories, in addition to the necessary human support to face any mechanical need.


KD-200 100+ 200+ 250+  
KD-600 230+ 450+ 600+  
KD-1000 500+ 900+ 1200+ 200+
KD-1700 700+ 1300+ 1900+ 300+

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