Kluane Colombia has partnered with the Botellas de Amor Foundation to promote awareness through environmental education. Our goal is to generate a positive impact on the environment, reducing pollution from improper disposal of plastic waste. Simultaneously, we seek to contribute to our society through new circular economy strategies.
With this initiative, we can transform flexible plastic waste into vital elements for our communities, such as housing, playgrounds, and furniture.
To make this project a reality, we have launched the “Bottles of Love” program, starting by raising awareness among each of our employees through activities designed to broaden their understanding of topics such as:

  • What is an eco-brick?
  • Where does your waste end up?
  • How to contribute to the socio-environmental part?
  • Do you know what the circular economy is?

By promoting this program, we are not only committed to protecting the environment, but we are also generating a significant change in the mentality of our community, promoting environmental and social responsibility.

“Together, we are building a more sustainable and conscious future”.

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